XRender AI

XRender Crosschain

Tokens from other chains, such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 on Ethereum, can be transferred to XRender using a bridge.

opBNB Bridge

opBNB Bridge: This is a bridge on the opBNB ecosystem, allowing users to move assets from the BNB Chain testnet network to opBNB and vice versa. However, in addition to opBNB Bridge, there is also a bridge in the ecosystem, zkBridge of Polyhedra Network (supporting BNB Chain testnet and Combo Network).

Synchronizing Parameters

In some cases, tokens may lose consistency between their source blockchain and the XRender parachain. To prevent this, the bridge module will update and freeze parameters to match the source chain.

Cross-chain message passing

A developer can pass messages (data and value) between chains and layers with simple function calls. Through message passing, a dApp developer can build powerful cross-chain applications by simply implementing a few functions within their existing smart contracts.
Learn how to build dApps using ZetaChain's Connector here.


The open-source community can develop new bridge modules using the Community Pool and the Ecosystem Fund, and bridges can be added to the Verifier through governance referendums to enable XRender to support future blockchains.