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NFT is created from artificial intelligence (AI)
  • At the end of 2022, World Technology exploded in artificial intelligence with the virality of ChatGPT. Google has also started research and development with artificial intelligence after the explosion of OpenAI. Millions of users every day make ChatGPT a tool that helps people a lot in all fields.
  • The strong development of AI has made it easier for us to access information about the cryptocurrency market and projects closer to users. So how will AI help us in terms of generating NFTs?
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is broadly understood as the ability of a computer to simulate human intelligence and perform sophisticated tasks such as decision-making, problem-solving, and learning. This and other adjacent technologies have seen exponential growth in the past decade, becoming intertwined with many aspects of our daily lives. While AI-generated NFT art has emerged as one of the main categories of the NFT market, some project teams have taken this up a notch and started incorporating AI models within NFTs.
First, Users are not too familiar with using AI to convert mere keywords into a more colorful and beautiful image. Use artificial intelligence to promote creativity, transform, personalize, and bring users beautiful AI paintings or funny avatars.
To meet the needs of users in a better way. We found a solution that integrates AI into image creation and converts them into NFT collections for users.
  • XRender is defined as an AI Middle Router. We built the smartest algorithm based on the aggregated results from the top 20+ most famous AI applications today, to form a quality and clear artistic photo.
  • A pioneer in integrating AI into Blockchain and creating NFT collections from images transferred from AI.
  • All photos generated from XRender AI will be minted on an NFT AI collection and shared with all platforms. XRender will multi-chain storage for all NFTs that users create on our platform.