XRender AI

Buy/Sell NFT

How to Sell NFTs on XRender

Before start selling your NFTs, please make sure:
  • The NFTs you want to sell are ERC-721 compatible. ERC-1155 NFTs are not supported yet.
  • There is at least enough native token (e.g. BNB on opBNB Chain) in the wallet to pay for the gas fee of approval.
    • XRender supports Fixed Price Listing and Auction to sell NFTs, You can choose either way, but you can’t sell an NFT in both ways at the same time.
To sell your NFTs, you need to visit the Profile page which lists all NFTs in your wallet. The Profile page features powerful filters to help you find the NFT to sell.
First, you need to set a price for the NFT you want to sell. You can bid in any currency you want, as long as that currency is listed on the chain on which that NFT is deployed. Currently, XRender supports all currencies on opBNB. If you are wondering about the value of the NFT you are looking to sell you can search for similar NFTs for sale on the XRender Marketplace and decide based on the prices of similar NFTs available in the market.
  • Next, you click on the Start Listing button, and you need to complete the approval on your wallet.
    For first-time blockchain or NFT users, Approval will authorize XRender to transfer your NFT to someone else. Once someone likes and agrees to buy your NFT, the XRender contract will then make your NFT transfer to the buyer immediately so the transaction can close.
    For each collection, you only need to approve once.
  • After successful approval, you need to sign on to your wallet. And NFT will be listed on XRender Marketplace in seconds.
    Signing is free and is used to verify that you are the owner of the listed NFT.
    You can track your NFT listings in Profile.
    Your fixed-price listing can be unlisted at any time before the sale.
  • Once your NFT is successfully sold, XRender will automatically transfer your NFT to the buyer, and the payment will also be transferred to your wallet shortly after.
    Sales history can be found in the Activity section of your Profile.
Additionally, you set a deadline for your NFT so that you can limit how long you want to sell on the XRender Marketplace. (You can cancel the sale of NFT every time).
  • Service Fee: This service fee is 2% of the price you want to sell (Example: If you sell NFT for 1 $BNB, the Service Fee: 0.02 $BNB)
  • Service fees will be contributed to the ecosystem and also create benefits for $XRAI Token holders.
  • A portion of the Service Fee will be burned to reduce the total supply of $XRAI and increase the value for all $XRAI holder.
  • Creator Earnings: There will be a fee we will return to the creators, collectors, or any other user who created the NFT. This 5% will be transferred directly to the wallet that owns the NFT collection.

How to Buy NFTs on XRender

On the XRender Marketplace page, there will be a grid of fixed listings of NFTs. Includes NFT Collection Name, Symbol, and NFT ID. Below is the purchase price.
To start buying NFT, please click on your favorite NFT and go to NFT's detail page.
The details page of an NFT will contain information for that NFT. For each NFT there will be a different fixed price. You can buy the date with the Buy button.
Then sign the payment confirmation on your wallet a dialog box saying the transaction has been completed and the NFT has been transferred to you. You can tap the transaction code displayed on the dialog to see the actual transaction on-chain or visit your Profile Page to see the NFT you just received.