🧩XRender Luffy (Arbitrum Chain)

9,000 NFT Luffy ( First Airdrop $XRAI Token )

XRender Luffy is a 24x24 pixel art image, generated using an algorithm. Most of them are Luffy with many different designs and different outfits, but there are also very rare accessories such as eyeglasses and pipes. Each Luffy has different attributes and rarities.

  • 9,000 unique collectibles with proof of ownership stored on the opBNB blockchain. The project is inspired by the modern CryptoArt movement. XRender is one of the examples of "Non-Fungible Tokens" on Arbitrum Chain and was the inspiration for the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles.

  • XRender - a unique collection of NFT art inspired by the Luffy. With only 9,000 limited works available, each piece of art is powered by AI technology. The first XRender NFT collection will be distributed to all users on the NFT ecosystem.

  • They are a collection of 9,000 NFTs made up of each of the components that make up the One Piece comic. It has been customized to appeal to the NFT-loving community and the opBNB community.

  • Initially, the NFT Luffy Collection can be minted for free using any BEP-20 wallet with enough $ETH on the Arbitrum Chain to cover the gas fees.

  • Each component on XRender will have different features from each other. We focus on images and colors so that users can choose the right NFT according to their preferences. Are you liking its version? Maybe it will become the hottest color for the collection. Maybe you'll be happy.

Name : XRender Luffy Collection


Total Supply : 9000

Blockchain: Arbitrum

NFT Contract : https://arbiscan.io/address/0xFF1a76801B4557Afe6fd7758B7D7ade90b271E09

Attributes :

+ ClothesColor

+ EyesColor

+ HatBackGroundColor

+ HatLineColor

+ HatStyle

+ Item

+ LogoClotherColor

+ TrouserColor

+ Accessory

This first Luffy XRender - Luffy collection NFT holder will receive our first $XRAI Airdrop for each of its properties. Here are its properties

This first XRender collection will also be applied to the Arbitrum Ecosystem and the XRenderAI ecosystem such as PFP, Airdrop, Staking, Marketplace, domain, and wallet...

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