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(Update in XRender Marketplace Ver2)

You have your own ideas and hand-drawn images with artistic value. All images, gifs, audio, and even videos that you create and want to convert to NFTs. XRender will help you keep all your own works in a collection of your own.

Create New Collection

First, you need to connect your wallet with XRender and create your own Profile page. Need more information on how to create a Personal Profile please see more at XRender Personal Profile.

You start creating your new collection at XRender. You can optionally contract the collection with 2 options:

Smart Contract created by XRender ( Mint NFTs on your collection anytime )

With this option, XRender will help you create a smart contract address that matches the collection information you will provide to us. This option will help you optimize the time to create a collection. We will do it for you. You need to fill out the information for your Collections before creating them including :

  • Name Collection: The name of the collection you want to create (Example: XRender Luffy Collection).

  • Description: Description of the Collection. Limit from 0 to 100 characters.

  • URL: Customize your URL on XRender. May contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens (Example: https://XRender.ai/collection/luffy).

  • Category: Make your items more discoverable on XRender by adding tags and a category. We also have some examples of Categories for you to choose from such as Art, PfPs, Sport, 3D, and Animal...

  • Blockchain: XRender supports almost all EVM and Non-EVM blockchains.

  • Payment Tokens: These tokens can be used to buy and sell your items. You can optionally start any token on the chain on which you want to implement the collection. (e.g. use BNB to pay on the opBNB Chain)

Once completed enter all the information for the Collection. You press the Save button and immediately a new collection will be created on our platform. You can start setting up and working with your Collection.

Deploy your own contract ( Submit your collection on XRender and let the community mint it )

You are a developer. You are already quite familiar with ERC-721 or ERC-1155. You want to create yourself a collection where the smart contract address you are the holder of. Please send it to us.

Just a few simple steps πŸ‘. You need to enter some necessary information to create the collection

  • Collection Name ( Example: XRender Collection )

  • Logo Collection: The image for the collection

  • Token Symbol ( Example: XRAI )

  • Blockchain: opBNB Chain

After filling in the above information, you proceed to deploy your contract on XRender. We will transfer the operation to your wallet and you just need to approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the contract implementation (You will lose a certain amount of gas on the opBNB chain, but it is very low).

It may take some time for XRender to process the transaction and create a collection that is reflected on the XRender Marketplace. Your new contract will be deployed in minutes. You can then click the "Continue" button to continue customizing your collection’s details or to set up your drop.

If you have any further questions please Email us at support@xrender.ai with the subject [Create Collection]

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