🛍️XRender Marketplace

  • XRender Marketplace is a great place for users, experienced or beginner, to access all things NFT-related. The XRender platform lists NFTs from numerous marketplaces and across multiple blockchains.

  • The XRender platform lists NFTs from numerous marketplaces and across multiple blockchains (First, opBNB Chain and ZetaChain). XRender provides an open environment where all users can easily participate. In particular, the platform possesses leading security technology that helps users' assets and works to be completely safe.

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface for users. $XRAI holders have the right to vote on system upgrades, moderating creators on the platform, and curating featured artworks. XRender's long-term goal is to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

  • XRender provides a comprehensive toolset for buyers and sellers to create and fulfill orders for any token, making it easier to develop third-party apps that use XRender to transfer NFTs across blockchains, from blockchain-based games on other networks to NFT Marketplaces and exchange platforms.

  • Bids can be made on tokens that are not listed for sale or that do not exist on the network, and users are encouraged to keep the highest bid on any token.

Price Discovery

Price Discovery is established by the highest active bid on a Base ID and/or Token ID, setting the best-known current price for each fungible or non-fungible token. This feature facilitates the development of third-party apps using XRender to transfer NFTs between blockchains, from blockchain-based games on other networks to NFT marketplaces and exchange platforms.

To promote price discovery, the highest unfilled bid on any token receives a portion of the fees and earns weight in the Price Discovery Pool over time for any transactions related to that token.

In XRender's Marketplace to increase the attraction and creativity of NFT Creators, we will rank based on trading volume, floor price, and trends. Volume trading refers to the amount of trading activity that an NFT experiences in a particular marketplace. The more frequently an NFT is traded, the higher its volume trading ranking will be. This ranking can be a good indicator of an NFT's overall popularity and demand.

Floor price, on the other hand, refers to the minimum price that an NFT can be sold for on a particular marketplace. NFTs with higher floor prices are generally considered to be more valuable and in demand, as they represent a minimum value for that particular NFT.

Trending refers to NFTs that are currently experiencing a surge in popularity in a particular marketplace. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as increased media coverage or celebrity endorsements.

Based on these criteria, a potential ranking of XRender in a marketplace could look like this:

  1. Volume Trading: XRender could rank highly in volume trading due to its popularity and strong community support. The high trading activity could be an indicator of its overall demand and value.

  2. Floor Price: Depending on the uniqueness and quality of the digital collections on XRender, they could have a high floor price. This indicates that the NFTs sold on the platform are highly valued, and their minimum value is relatively high.

  3. Trending: XRender could potentially rank highly in terms of trending due to its AI technology and secure marketplace. As NFTs become more popular, collectors and artists are likely to seek out platforms that offer unique features, such as AI-generated digital collections.

The ranking of XRender in a marketplace will depend on various factors, including market conditions, community support, and the quality of the NFTs sold on the platform. However, based on its unique features and strong ecosystem, it is likely to be a valuable addition to the NFT space and could potentially rank highly in the marketplace.

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