🌌XRender Collection

XRender is a collection of 9,000 unique NFT consisting of more than one hundred art elements, created by the artist from XRender team.

What is a Collection?

  • The XRender Collection is an on-chain character-encoded NFT collection. No two NFTs are identical, and each NFT in that collection can be reliably collected by anyone who interacts with the blockchain.

  • They can then be purchased from their existing owners using the dedicated XRender Marketplace, which is also embedded in the blockchain. Through this undefinable marketplace, you can buy, bid, and offer to sell XRender Marketplace.

Value of XRender Collection

  • As we mentioned above, with different features for each NFT in the XRender Collection the user can price each NFT differently accordingly. It should be remembered that the development of CryptoPunk with NFT applications has excited the market on the Ethereum Chain.

  • With opBNB Chain, XRender has also built a collection for the Binance Smart Chain community with the uniqueness of each NFT giving rarity to each NFT that the user owns.

  • Not only that, on ZetaChain there are more than 1.7M wallets on test net and 350k monthly active users on their cross-bottle swap across all DApps. XRender also built an NFT collection for the XRender community.

Fan engagement:

  • Ticketing: XRender may be used as an entry ticket for events, community initiatives, or DeFi pools

  • Loyalty: XRender can be used as a loyalty reward to incentivize a certain behavior.

  • Fan governance: XRender can give voting rights to the community.

  • Enhanced utility in the metaverse: Virtual worlds can leverage XRender to enhance utility and rewards for users.

Additional revenue streams:

  • Royalties: Smart Contracts allow programming the XRender to pay future royalties to the XRender creators every time the token is sold.

  • Secondary market: Having real ownership of in-game items revolutionizes the gaming industry by allowing an independent secondary market and/or NFTs-based reward mechanisms. There are some really successful cases like Axie Infinity.

XRender has full royalty support for authors and art creators. Too high a royalty can harm the community, so NFTs that meet the following conditions will be eligible to distribute royalties.

XRender Collection NFTs are generated and rendered completely on-chain. All images about NFT are in pixel format and you can follow them opBNBScan and ZetaChain Explorer.

Storing data on-chain will help protect users' assets NFT uniqueness also gives value to all NFTs in XRender's first collection.

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