🖌️How to Generate?

Let's start unleashing your creativity. Any ideas you have will be realized by us using Artificial Intelligence. With just the basic manipulations and your creativity will create personalized NFTs just the way you want.

AI Generate Art

XRender uses Artificial Intelligence so that users can experience our platform completely free of charge. Users will experience XRender AI with all the most outstanding features.

  • Unlimited suggested keywords

  • Low Fee

  • Best selected images

Start Generate XRender AI

  • On the XRender AI interface, users can use their ideas. We will help you give the perfect results that exceed your expectations.

Prompt: Users can enter unlimited keywords. You present all the image ideas you want to have. The more keywords, the closer the output image will be to the idea that the user wants.

  • Image Dimensions: The size of the image that the user needs to output in the output of XRender AI. We will suggest some standard image sizes so that users can create suitable NFTs.

  • Negative Prompt: Keyword for images that the user does not want to appear in the image.

  • Num Ouputs: Number of results the user wants XRender AI to generate.

  • Num Inference Steps: The amount of Inference makes the image more detailed and minimizes pixel breakage (we've optimized this). Recommendation: You should leave it at a medium level.

  • Guide scale: With more scale-out criteria for smoother image processing. With averaging you can achieve optimization with us. You can increase it to the highest level to get the expected result but you have to wait a few more seconds.

To be able to have more options for your collection. Users can get Number Outputs (max: 4 images) so that XRender AI helps them have more diverse images of colors and contexts according to the ideas that users have provided to AI.

  • After completing the necessary information, you press the "Submit" button immediately XRender AI will return the results you want for your idea.

  • You can re-enter by clicking the "Reset" button all information will be erased and you can start with new ideas.

  • With the results generated by XRender AI, you can download it to your device or start minting NFT on our platform right now.

Mint XRender AI

The user completes using AI to select the image that he feels is of the best quality and can be used as his favorite NFT. Please select the image you want to mint and click the "Mint" button. We will redirect you to a new page to start minting NFT.

Start Mint NFT

Connect your wallet to XRender and start your NFT minting now.

  • Use your Metamask wallet and start connecting to our platform.

  • Choose your favorite photo that you have Generated from XRender AI

  • Make sure you have enough gas fee tokens for the minting fee for the NFT chain you want to mint (1000 $XRAI Fee Mint).

  • You can enter more descriptions for your NFT and start hitting the "Mint" button.

  • Enter the NFT name and Short Description you want for your NFT and click "Save" button.

  • The transaction will be transferred to your wallet.

  • You just need to confirm on the wallet and the NFTs will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

Fee Mint in the Future

After completing the NFT minting on XRender's platform, you can check it on the Profile page. The NFT minted on the XRender AI platform is stored directly on the chain and you can buy and sell it in any market you want. It will be prioritized on the XRender Marketplace.

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